Unduh: Too many Stages, Too Little Time: Bureaucratization and Impasse in the Social Safety Net Program in Indonesia

Since its first announcement in March 2020, the number of positive confirmed patients as well as patients under surveillance has increased exponentially. Rec- ognizing the impact of Covid-19 on the poor, the government reallocated expenditure budget by increasing the amount of aid to the community. This paper focuses on social safety net policies, mainly in Sembako Program as non- cash social aid. This aid is actually not any new programs, as it have been around since 2017, but the Covid-19 pandemic is adding to the economic burden of the household so the aid is increased in amount. This paper puts the emphasis on how the actual social safety net policy must be implemented, not only look at how policies are carried out, but also look at how policies should be carried out, as well as predict their impact when they are done. It is undeniable that the problem of bureaucratization always comes up in every policy, with no exception for social aid policy. By mapping out obstacles, this paper provide a number of key solutions for resolving the problem